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SPF resumes value transfers Published: 13-04-2021

SPF is resuming the processing of value transfers as from April 1, 2021. SPF had postponed the processing of value transfers since August 1, 2020, as SPF’s policy funding level was lower than 100% from that date. In such a situation, funds are prohibited by law from cooperating in value transfer processing. 

Vrouw.jpg (240 KB)Members whose value transfers have been postponed since August 1, 2020 have been informed about this. We will resume value transfers as soon as other pension funds are also permitted to process these.
The members will again be informed about this. 

Value transfer involves transferring pension from one pension fund to another.
Check out our website for more information about
value transfer.

Members do not need to take any action themselves. Should you have any questions, please contact SPF's Pension Desk on +31 (0)45 5788100 or by sending an e-mail to