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Stichting Pensioenfonds SABIC (SPF)

Stichting Pensioenfonds SABIC manages the pensions for the employees of SABIC Europe B.V., SABIC Limburg B.V., SABIC Innovative Plastics B.V., SABIC Global Technologies B.V., SABIC Capital B.V., SHPP B.V., SHPP Sales B.V. and SHPP Global Technologies B.V.

The Board
SPF is an independent foundation managed by the board, which independently determines how the pension fund operates. The employers collectively nominated four members. The Works’ Councils at SABIC nominate two members, while retirees nominate another two members (themselves retirees). The two external Board professionals and the independent Chairman are appointed by the fund. All board members are appointed by the Board.

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Arnout Korteweg
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Jos van Gisbergen_Cropped.jpg (1.59 MB)
Jos van Gisbergen

Giselle Verwoort_Cropped.jpg (1.69 MB)
Giselle Verwoort

Arthur Smit_Cropped.jpg (891 KB)
 Arthur Smit

Angela Peters_Cropped.jpg (2.08 MB)
Angela Peters

Maurice Pelsers_Cropped.jpg (163 KB)
Maurice Pelsers

John van Moorsel_Cropped.jpg (1.66 MB)
John van Moorsel

Rudger Schiewer_Cropped.jpg (1.57 MB)
  Rudger Schiewer
  (Vice Chairman)
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 Math Peeters

Kim Haasbroek_Cropped.jpg (1.40 MB)
Kim Haasbroek

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Supervisory Board
The activities of the Board are monitored by the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board monitors for example the policy, adequate risk management and a well-balanced evaluation of interests. The Supervisory Board comprises three experts who are independent of the pension fund.

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Stephan Linnenbank

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Willeke Ong

Kees Scheepens_Cropped.jpg (1.90 MB)
Kees Scheepens

The Accountability Council (AC)
The Accountability Council (AC) has the authority to evaluate the Board’s performance, policy decisions, and policy implementation. The Council is made up of six members.

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Rolf van Kouwen
Herman Polderman_oud.jpg (39 KB)
Herman Polderman

Jan Hellings_Cropped.jpg (1.05 MB)
Jan Hellings
(Vice Chairman)
Toine Jansen_Cropped.jpg (640 KB)
Toine Jansen
René Witjes_Cropped.jpg (1.37 MB)
René Witjes
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The brochure 'Organisation of SPF' on this page contains more information about SPF’s mission, the board, the Supervisory Board and the Accountability Council.


The board has delegated the actual activities of the pension fund to DPS, although it remains accountable for everything that DSM Pension Services does.